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November 17, 2016

You've gotten remarkable thing on this web-site.

Isabell Waldrop

November 12, 2016

Maintain the outstanding work !! Lovin' it!


November 12, 2016

Wow because this is excellent job! Congrats and keep it up.


November 11, 2016

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November 10, 2016

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Greg Bishop

March 1, 2015

Hi Diane, I got curious about your Quark Suite and you so I did a search. You are someth'n! Love your singing. Your musicians are top notch. Love to hear a combo that really swings. So glad I got curious. Do you have a recording of Quark Suite? If you have it in any sort digital mode I'd love to hear it. Sincerely, Greg PS Did you hear any of the other music from "Soul Voyager"? Just curious.

Karen Stavrinakis

December 15, 2014

Hi Diane,

My daughter and I met you at Bull Street Gourmet, you have a wonderful voice! I enjoyed meeting you and would love to hear you sing when you come back through Charleston!

Roger Frey

July 6, 2014

Hi Di,
Long time no see! Plan to get down to see you at Stellas soon. Save a spot for me.

Dale LePage

March 6, 2014

I found you CD in a small Cafe here in Massachusetts, and have been listening to it for over a year now. It is wonderful and you can consider me a fan.
Dale LePage

Jennifer Adams

January 3, 2014


You, Billy the Keyboardist & Billy the Bassist were absolutely WONDERFUL at the private gig in November. Your talents really made the event something truly memorable. The combined talents and adaptability of the three of you and then allowing Tyler (a very special guest) to play an impromptu jam with Billy the Bassist was just fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you at your next gig at the IGA! Best wishes in 2014!

Judy & Brian Hathaway

December 10, 2013

It was nice seeing you back in May??? I'd like to get to Florida this year. We had friends (in the past) that may be in your area of FL
Judy is doing about the same...getting ready for Christmas. we send our love
Judy & Brian

Bernice & Jon Rosenthal

July 22, 2013

Hi Diane,

It was nice to chat with you during lunch at the Castine waterfront. We really like your singing.

Bernice & Jon

Applewood Manor Inn B&B

May 13, 2013

We play your CD every morning during breakfast and evening during the wine & cheese Social Hour: the Our Day at the Movies by Diane Linscott & Charlie Prawdzik. But that is still not as wonderful as having you here! You are an inspiration and bubbling with multifaceted talent. From the voice of an angel to designing jewelry ....consider us in your fan club forever. Lar & Nancy

Rob and Nancy Bell

March 23, 2013

We miss you on Anna Maria Island! Coming back next year?
Rob and Nancy


November 3, 2012

I'm one of rylans friends.i love singing

Judy Chen

August 30, 2012

Your voice is like Castine's Bay, peaceful yet joyous, quaint yet lovely... We will come back to Castine again some day to listen to your beautiful voice at Stella's. What a lovely night tonight. Thanks Diane!

Dan Williams

February 29, 2012

It was so nice meeting you today at Rudy's, Diane. I hope to catch you in performance while I'm here.
Stay well.

Helen Fleder

September 29, 2011

Scott Moore loaned me your CD "love wants to dance" I just love it! He said we could meet some day! I was a former ballet dancer and am a sculptor and author so we do have lots in common! You are an amazing artist.

Roberta Aungst

December 16, 2010

It has been three years since we last were in Anna Maria; used to come to hear you perform at ?? (cannot remember name of restaurant in Holmes Beach - believe it is now gone).Will be in Anna Maria the last week in January of 2011 - will you be performing? Will certainly come by your studio at the Beach House.

Barbara (Maraghy) McDonald

December 4, 2010

Amazing to meet up again 30 years later in Mt. Dora, long way from Bangor. Enjoyed hearing your beautiful voice, so talented!

Keith Seavey

May 22, 2010

Hi Diane, just received your web site from Elaine Faye and enjoyed listening to a couple of your songs.

Alan Miller

March 30, 2010

We will be in the Venice, FL area from April 15th thru April 23rd and want to hear you perform. Donna & I will be with another couple from Orono. Where & when are you performing?

Brenda Boynton

December 11, 2009

Hi Diane,
I plan to be downtown tomorrow night and may stop by to see you.

Brenda (formerly of ME Ctr for the Arts, Orono, Me

Charleen Wiseman

December 2, 2009

Not sure why I didn't know about your web site, but it's awesome. Of course we in the family already know of your numerous talents and this is a great way to let the world know and appreciate. Hugs, C

Scott J Moore

November 12, 2009

Hi Diane, I have yet to hear you sing, and I promise I will this season, but somehow I know that it will be a great experience if your wonderful spirit shines forth through the performance. Best of all things, Scott

Ronnie Lord

November 2, 2009

I think we have worked togather somewhere
Love you Ron
We sure have...and what a great pianist and accompanist you ya, too.

Chuck Barrett

October 18, 2009

Just getting acquainted with what you've done since I last saw you back in a little old town called, Newport. My, how you've progressed, I'm impressed.


July 31, 2009

Hi, Diane. Thanks for "There Will Never Be Another You" last night at Stellas. I'm listening to your CD now & loving it. Take care. Lana

Terry Lynne Bryant

May 6, 2008

Today I learned of your work through a mutual painter friend from San Miguel/Chicago, Barbara Cohen. I love your music and hope to visit Sarasota to hear you (I live in Winter Park, FL). Also, may be in Castine in early June. Will you be there and performing?


Marta K.

March 29, 2008

I heard your interview and music on WUSF radio jazz with Bob Seymour and I must say I was "blown away" with your voice and the way you embrace the songs you sing. I hear an Ella Fitzgerald influence, which is a great compliment from me as she has always been to me, first lady of, not just song, but jazz. You have your own wonderful style and are blessed with a beautiful voice and embrace the words and music in a way that so few do. Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra were two of the few who wrapped themselves around the song.
I truly admire you for following your dream, even though you weren't as young as most who do. It was lucky for me and lucky for those who have the priveledge and pleasure of your music, that you did so.
Thank you Diane for blessing my life with your music.


Beth Standridge

February 11, 2008

So nice to meet you at the Beach Bistro on Saturday night, and finding out that we are fellow Mainers! Looking forward to hearing you sing soon.

MIchele K

December 20, 2007

This is a great looking site, keep up the good work! :)

Phyllis Molinary

December 20, 2007

Diane Linscott: A lovely singer who happens to know very well what so many performers to sing a songwriter's lyrics the way they were meant to be delivered.....with her heart and soul.

Thank you for singing my song so beautifully!

Here's to Life, here's to love and here's to you.

Your fan,

Phyllis Molinary

Max Bustreo

September 20, 2007

To Diane, a lot of love for music from the Venice Lagoon... Keep in touch and... see you for a new concert together?

Rick J Bowen

August 18, 2007

Hey Diane. great to meet and chat with you last week at Stella's..we had a gerat time. please go to and to hear some stuff from the NW. hope to see you again next time we are in ME! Rick-Jen Bowen

Cookie Coogan

August 16, 2007

Love your music! Hope to hear you again soon!

Sarah Jane Parady

July 20, 2007

Hi Aunt Diane,
How r u
Talk to ya soon

Ruth Scheer

June 29, 2007

Diane knows how much I love her originals. I wish she would record them all the time so that we can hear her dulcet tones until the end of time. She is awesome and a really good person too. Ruth

Diana Miller

June 25, 2007

I am streaming your music into my office! LOVE IT...
Makes me miss you more...
See you soon, Diana

Dean Wiseman

June 15, 2007

This woman really moves the people around her. Her one take music is exceptional. I believe she "ACTIVATES" the musicians who accompany her. She conveys the answers to the age old mysteries,"OLD TRUTHS", all of our hearts yearn for. Her music has brought tears to my eyes. Tell your friends and then tell everybody else. She is awesome!

Don B. Sudnik

June 12, 2007

fun loving, very talented ,just great to be with !

Melissa Hamilton

June 6, 2007

Diane, glad to see and hear things are going so well for you. I hope to get up to Maine sometime soon and perhaps even Castine for one of your gigs. Warm regards, Melissa

jane hoffman

June 5, 2007

Hi Diane, I am a friend of Morrie's and he gave me the link to your wedsite. very nice....I hope we can work together. I would welcome the opportunity to record on your your website. very fun

Caroline Fellows

March 1, 2007

Hi Diane, how's your tennis? I'm the other person who ever heard of East Newport, remember me? So glad you found your way back to singing. You have a rare talent. Good luck.

Richard Dore

January 24, 2007

Cathryn said to "check you out" - nice transportation! I still could probably beat you at tennis. (ha) Dick


January 14, 2007

Hello, nice site!

Paul Neault

September 25, 2006

Met you at your delightful house in Maine when I visited your son (& my great friend) Jonathan last fall. Hope I get to see you perform some day soon!

Ellie & Frank

September 8, 2006

You look great! Wish we could be there for the broadcast......when are you coming down here?

We were in Maine for only 12 days this summer - half of them in Houlton at camp. We've had a great summer and hope you have too.

Gary Coull

September 8, 2006

Hi Diane,
Great news about being on MPBN.
Hope you have had a great summer. Your music is terriffic. Tera and I love to listen to you.

Nancy Doyle

August 29, 2006

I noticed that Bolek, {John} Peploswski had posted a message in your guestbook.....I knew Bolek for years in Bar Harbor, Me. when I lived there and was married to Tom Doyle...
I was in Thailand with Tom for over a year, but didn't care for it....I guess Bolek and Tom are playing together at the Baan Rim Pa restaurant...Tom said that Bolek was getting married and going to Thailand the last time he wrote...
When were you in Bar Harbor? Tom and I had a restaurant there in 1982 and Bolek would stop by and play from time to time.

Bolek Peplowski

July 28, 2006

You look and sound as foxy as ever, Lady Song. (Want a gig in Thailand?)

Jonathan D. Linscott

July 22, 2006

I remain your biggest fan! Love you lots, Mom!

Lew Spence

July 11, 2006

Happy to say that Diane is a wonderful singer. This from a severe critic.

Lew Spence

Karen Oberlin

June 17, 2006

I fondly remember meeting you and hearing you sing, and always love meeting another Doris Day fan!

Maurice Lindsay

June 4, 2006

I enjoyed your music. I would like to catch one of your shows in Sarasota next winter.


June 4, 2006

Your home page its great

Sarah Jane

May 25, 2006

Hi aunt Diane, I love ypur Cd Its awesome!!!


May 8, 2006

Complimenti per il sito.
Ciao da Porto Santo Stefano (Argentario)

kevin phillips

April 6, 2006

Browsing the web.. you still look as teriffic and vibrant as you did when I met you at your home in Bangor and you cooked me my first and only lobster 28 years ago now!

Rich Tozier

March 23, 2006

You bring soul to the standards!

Vince Goeddeke

December 4, 2005

Just want to say hi. I met you at Ginny and Jane's Coffee Shop in AMI a week ago Saturday. Enjoyed talking with you. You have quite a repertoire! Good luck with your gigs. We miss that beautiful isle of AMI!

Gary and Tera Coull

November 15, 2005

Hey Diane,
Hope all is well. Got to listen to your newest CD and it is GREAT!
Voice like BUDDA as they say. Keep up the great work. Can't wait till your brand new CD comes out in January!
All the Best,
Gary and Tera

matt trusnik

August 29, 2005

i went to school in twinsburg with your grandaugter meredeth and i would like to see more better of a picture than that

nnenna Freelon

August 21, 2005

Hey girl, Ran into a friend who says you are doing great. Yr site is wonderful. I have so many memories of Jazz in July. Great to see that you are still doing it!! Love Nnenna

Robert Butkus

August 9, 2005

Enjoy your talent, keep up the good work.

Bob Sterritt

August 6, 2005

Sorry you won't be making our reunion...hopefully some of us will make it down to Castine for a visit.

Elaine Howard Mixey

July 23, 2005

You are the best, girlfriend!
It was so much fun knowing you all through high school..
good old Newport High! Old friends are BEST!

Ray McDonald

June 2, 2005

Great Web Site. It was so nice meeting you today. My son and I loved all your art work. Look forward to hearing your music July 8 at the Manor.

Bruce Cormier

May 29, 2005

Hope to hear you a few times this summer! Nice website!

Jan Adams

April 9, 2005

Wow! What a great web page!! Keep the fantastic sounds coming!! It is great that your bio touches upon all of your marvelous talents. Can't wait to hear the new CD!!

paul fenton

March 30, 2005

Dick just gave me the key to your new web site; very attractive, informative, and professional. Debbie brought me a copy of your new CD. They just get better and better!
Hope to see you in Maine this summer.

Bruce Crowther

March 28, 2005

Congratulations on the new site, Diane. Looking forward to the new CD.

Larry Bernard

March 11, 2005

Just from hearing your latest CD, am a fan of yours, in Oregon. A musician, band leader here in Medford, OR. I know class when I hear it. Wonderful choice of songs,and you are top notch.

Les Nadeau

March 9, 2005

Hey Diane! What a great article and tribute! Congratulations! Nice to know a classmate who's famous!

sarah jane

February 25, 2005

i love ur cds they rock